HiLight Range

Designed for heavy traffic situations, HiLight range provides the highest level of slip resistance and is perfect for stylish public areas. HiLight range of ribbed safety stair edging combines premium performance and aesthetics with maximum flexibility. They provide the highest level of slip resistance, with an extremely high P5 rating and are available in FiveBar, FourBar and ThreeBar variants and in surface mount, recess and inlaid options that come in natural silver and anodised black finishes.

Key Features

  • Conforms to all aspects of the relevant Australian standards
  • Multiple P5 rated, 10mm wide inserts in any combination of ivory, yellow, black or grey exceed the requirements of AS4586
  • Supplied cut to length up to 3.6m
  • Secure and discrete fixing via predrilled countersunk holes positioned under the insert - all screws are supplied
  • Industry leading 5 Year Manufacturers Warranty
  • Aluminium extrusion with a hard anodised, UV stable finish in black or natural silver
  • 10mm leading edge meets NCC requirements
  • Simple installation and very low on-going maintenance


HiLight series have a range of applications and are perfect for heavy duty internal and external applications, the recess and inlaid options are suited to new applications where a recess is allowed, while the surface mount option is perfect for retro fitting. 



P5 rated, tough and durable, the HiLight Carb insertis manufactured from Carborundum ensuring that it is the perfect choice for an attractive non-slip stair nosing. It comes in ivory, yellow, grey and black colours.



• Available in Recess and Inlaid profiles
• fixed by adhesive or concealed screws
• Available in 3 insert colours: black, safety yellow and grey.
• Ideal choice for seamless design, where safety is incorporated within the stair tread.
• Meets AS1428 luminance requirements
• Ideal in areas requiring excellent wear resistance and high end aesthetics such as, restaurants hotel lobbies, and areas subject to high foot traffic





• Available in Surface Mount and recessed
• Heavy duty tempered aluminium extrusions
• High performing product displaying outstanding durability in any internal or external application such as railway stations
• Supplied to length, pre-drilled with screws
• Strong deep recess holds insert without warping
• NCC Compliant for both Surface Mount and Recessed
• Sleek design and excellent P5 rating



• Available in Surface Mount and Recessed
• Hard anodised extrusion
• Highest aesthetic appeal
• Designed for high traffic situations
• Concealed fixtures reduces any likelihood of vandalism
• Ideal for retrofitting to stairs where allowance for recessing has not been made or is not feasible.
• Recessed is ideal for installation against other floor coverings such as vinyl or carpet