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Our Products

With increased emphasis on workplace and public safety over the past ten years, We have grown to be one of the world’s largest floor safety providers. We offer a range of products for all your floor safety needs. 


Anti-Slip Floor Safety Treatment

Our treatment microscopically modifies the floor surface, dramatically increasing the grip for bare feet, shoes and all kinds of pneumatic and solid wheel tyres. It can make floors safer to walk on wet than dry!


DuraGrip PLUS

These products dramatically increases the slip resistance of indoor and outdoor floors to make them safer for pedestrians. 



Grip Guard Enzyme Floor Maintainer has been formulated to maintain the slip resistance of floors treated with Grip Guard. Our enzyme cleaner is revolutionising floor maintenance in homes, commercial areas an in industrial settings

Anti-Slip Tapes

Grip Guard supplies and installs an extensive range of indoor and outdoor anti-slip tapes that are available in a wide range of colours, are durable and have excellent adhesion for long-term performance.

Safety Matting

Our safety matting solutions are constructed from anodised heavy duty aluminium treads to provide an attractive, safe, non slip and easily maintained barrier between internal and external surroundings.

Tactile Guidance Systems

Grip Guard tactiles provide safe and effective tactile cues for the vision impaired. Our tactlies can be installed in aesthetically sensitive applications or where exotic substrates are used for flooring

Safety Stair Nosings

Our stair nosings are suitable for residential, commercial, and industrial applications as they have adequate slip resistance as well as adequate luminance contrast.

Safety Flooring

Grip Guard marine grade safety flooring is designed to provide a secure non-slip surface in areas where grip under foot is essential for pedestrian safety such as ramps or marine environments.

Traffic and Parking

Grip Guard Traffic and Parking products encompass components of any well-maintained car park - whether inside or outside, such as wheel stoppers and speed bumps.

Our sophisticated and cost-effective anti-slip treatments and solutions greatly reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents without altering the visible appearance of your floors in any way.

slip/fall injuries are the No.#2 accident problem in the workplace

WorkCover legislation requires an employer to "provide and maintain so far as practicable for employees a working environment that is safe and without risks to health."

A study by Monash University researchers of injuries among people aged 65+ years found that 66% of reported cases were due to a fall of some nature.

Where "Floors and Flooring Material" cause the fall, in 81% of cases where information was available, the fall was due to slippery, wet floors.

With increased emphasis on workplace and public safety over the past ten years, Grip Guard has grown to be one of the world’s largest floor safety providers with a comprehensive range of products and services.



The directors of Grip Guard have been dedicated to providing unique, effective and innovative floor safety solutions since 1997. As a company dedicated to the prevention of accidents in the workplace and in our homes, Grip Guard’s interest lies in improving the safety and quality of life for everyone.

Grip Guard has a friendly team of distributors throughout Australia to assist you with your floor safety requirements.