Traffic and Parking


Grip Guard's vehicle access solutions are designed to promote safe access for vehicles and pedestrians, while protecting property assets. These easy-to-install solutions are essential components of any well-maintained parking facility and all conform to building requirements of the Australian Standards. 


Speed humps

Grip Guard premium recycled rubber speed humps are the perfect traffic calming solution for light traffic areas such as carparks and shopping centres. They are designed to reduce vehicle speed and create a safe environment for pedestrians and other users


wheel stops

Manufactured from heavy duty rubber with three locating points with high visibility yellow reflective panels, Grip Guard Wheel Stops are easy to install and provide economical impact prevention for both buildings and vehicles.



Designed and manufactured to protect both property
and pedestrians against vehicle collisions, Grip Guard fixed bollards are available in options to cover both light and heavy duty applications.

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Grip Guard Bike Racks are carefully crafted to provide distinctive, highly visible bike parking facilities for civil streetscapes.  They can be installed on most substrates, including concrete, bitumen and walls