Permanent - Inlaid Tactiles

Grip Guard CobbleTac Tactiles provide safe and effective tactile cues for the vision impaired. They are manufactured using tough porcelain to provide a cost competitive permanent solution and are warranted against manufacturing faults for a period of 10 years when installed to the manufacturer’s installation instructions.

  • Manufactured from tough porcelain with a flat grid base to ensure maximum strength and the highest possible level of wear resistance characteristics.
  • Improved surface design which includes a radius on the base of each tactile stud. This radius assists in channeling water away, maintaining slip resistance and minimizing dirt ingress to ensure luminance contrast.
  • Embossed anti-slip top surface, R12 rated to exceed the Australian Standards AS/NZ4586
  • Available in 300x300mm format with 10mm base making it very easy to inlay with other tiles and carpet
  • Excellent resistance to chemicals including grease, oils and alcohols
  • Warranted for 10 years provided they are installed to Grip Guard’s recommended installation instructions.
  • Easy to install into all substrates using standard industry methods including: concrete, bitumen, ceramic tiles, carpet and most other surfaces provided a recess has been allowed.
  • Superior resistance to water absorption, weather, sunlight and ozone attack.
  • UV stable and excellent colour stability to ensure the product lasts the test of time in Australia’s extreme climatic conditions
  • Luminance Contrast: In accordance with the Australian Standards, a minimum luminance contrast of 30% must be provided between the tactile indicator pad and the surrounding substrate. CobbleTac® is available in a range of colour allowing specifiers the option of selecting the most appropriate luminance value for any given installation. 
  • Available in hazard and directional guidance profiles

product description

A 300x300x15mm (10mm base with 5mm Stud) Tactile ground surface indicator tile manufactured from tough porcelain. Designed to warn the vision impaired of an impending hazard or to provide directional guidance. As part of The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) compliance, it is now mandatory to provide Tactile Warning Indicators (TGSI) to stairs, ramps and many other changing conditions.


Yellow, Black, Ivory, Grey


Designed to conform with the Australian Standards. CobbleTac inlaid porcelain Tactile tiles have an overall size of 300x300x15mm (10mm base with 5mm stud) a stud protrusion height of 5mm, the maximum to ensure longevity and optimum anti-slip.



AS/NZS 1428:4.2002 Design for access and mobility
AS/NZS 4586:1999 Slip resistance classifi cation for new pedestrian surface materials