DuraGrip™ PLUS

DuraGrip Plus™ is a solvent free, virtually odourless, urethane coating with exceptional adhesion and performance properties. By adjusting additives, the achieved slip resistance of the floor can range between a P3 - P5. It is suitable for virtually any vertical or horizontal surface with inherent chemical resistance, anti-graffiti and moisture barrier properties. Manufactured under license, the proprietary formulation uses water as a solvent and eliminates traditional solvents and all the hazards and odour associated with them.



    • Resilient floors – vinyl, rubber, linoleum
    • Timber – sports floors, engineered and solid timber floors, parquetry, decks, doors, tables.
    • Concrete – floors, carparks, warehouses, walkways, stairs, walls, benchtops.
    • Tiles – ceramic, terrazzo, porcelain, stone – porous to high gloss.
    • Metal – ferrous and nonferrous metals, fabricated metal products, door and window frames.

    DuraGrip™ Plus

    is suitable for an endless range of applications as it has inherent chemical resistance, anti-graffiti and moisture barrier properties and is available in clear or colour with gloss, matte or satin finish.


    The bonding capabilities including glass surfaces, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, porcelain tiles and many other surfaces that other coatings will not adhere to. Ideal for carparks, high traffic corridors, transport terminals, warehouses, fabricated metal products and most very high traffic applications - both internal and external.


    Grip Additives turn almost any floor finish (concrete, vinyl, rubber, timber, tile, stone, etc.) into a non-slip surface. With the addition of grip additives to the clear (gloss, satin or matte) sealer, the product can provide an AS4586 wet pendulum rating of P3-P5*. They provide an ideal finish for kitchens and food prep areas, pedestrian ramps and any areas requiring an anti-slip surface.


    Ideal for Health and Aged Care, Child Care, Education and Hospitality and any other application where hygiene is important. Silver Ion Technology is effective for the life of the coating. It has been proven to reduce MRSA, E Coli and Salmonella by up to 99.9% and creates a surface where bacteria and mould such as Aspergillus Niger cannot survive. Any floor, wall, door or benchtop can now be transformed into a great looking antimicrobial surface.


    Technical Data Sheet
    P3 Slip Testing Report
    P4 Slip Testing Report
    P5 Slip Testing Report
    Independent Chemical Testing Summary

    Material Safety and Data Sheets

    Part A - Clear Coat and Tint Base - Gloss, Satin & Matte MSDS
    Part A - White Tint Base - Gloss, Satin & Matte MSDS
    Part B - Gloss MSDS
    Part B - Satin & Matte MSDS
    Accelerator MSDS
    Performance Plus MSDS


    • Restore existing vinyl, rubber or linoleum to remove scratching and improve appearance and reduce cleaning costs.
    • Rejuvenate ceramic, porcelain, terrazzo, stone and provide hygienic protection for grout lines on floors and walls.
    • Seal or colour concrete floors in corridors, kitchens, warehouses and carparks, including safety line marking, logos and lettering.
    • Timber sports floors, hardwood floors, covered decking and other engineered or solid timber floors including parquetry.
    • Metal surfaces including steel door frames, stairs, cover plates and engineered metal products.
    • Superior finish where gloss enamel paints are required with virtually no odour.


    Foot Traffic in 4–5 hours* and vehicle traffic in 6–8 hours**.
    The one coat system means many applications can be completed in a single night avoiding loss of trade and minimizing disruption. Fast one coat application also significantly reduces labour costs.


    DuraGrip Plus™ is produced using water as a solvent and does not use traditional solvents or co solvents***. It has no free monomers when parts A and B are mixed. The result is a virtually odourless, very low to zero VOC product that can be applied in sensitive areas, such as patient care and sterile areas, without affecting the surrounding areas.

    *Slip ratings are surface dependant. Always test before application.
    ** Dry times are affected by environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity. Always test before application.
    *** Tints and additives may contain small amounts of solvents.


    DuraGrip Plus™ is not a waterproofing membrane but provides an effective moisture barrier, whilst allowing moisture vapour to escape. This minimises bubbling and peeling often associated with epoxy coatings where moisture is trapped under the coating.


    Anti-Graffiti PROPERTY

    DuraGrip Plus™ has inherent chemical resistance properties that prevent bonding of paint, spray paint and markers allowing them to be removed without damaging the coatings. Pressure wash or scrub with warm soapy water will remove most graffiti. More difficult to remove areas can still be treated without damage to the coating.



    Dry erase markers can be removed without ghosting or shadowing allowing any surface to be turned into a whiteboard.