Grip Guard Anti-Slip Tapes

Grip Guard supplies and installs an extensive range of anti-slip tapes suitable for both indoor and outdoor application. Grip Guard tapes are available in a wide range of colours including transparent and glow in the dark. The tapes are very durable and have excellent adhesion for long-term performance. The Grip Guard range of tapes includes:


Abrasive non-slip tape designed to provide an exceptional slip resistance for many surfaces. Available in a large range of colours including standard black, safety yellow, photo-luminescent, hazard stripe, and more.


Non-abrasive non-slip tape designed to provide an anti-slip finish without being abrasive. The tapes are ideal for wet areas as well as areas with barefoot traffic. AquaGrip also has a  unique profile that does not trap contaminants.


These tapes are the ideal solution for irregular surfaces such as checker or durbar plate. With a unique aluminum backing, ConfromaGrip moulds to the profile of the surface to ensure maximum adhesion and durability.