New Requirements of Residential Stairs

There have been changes to the BCA and NCC Regulations in regard to the slip resistance requirements for residential stairs.  The new standard specifies that the old testing method of R-ratings (R9, R10, R11, R12) be replaced with P-ratings (P0, P1, P2, P3, P4 and P5).  Coatings used on stairs must meet or exceed a
P3 for dry surfaces and P4 for wet surfaces.


DuraGrip PLUS is an odourless coating that can be applied to any staircase to achieve a slip resistance rating of P3 - P5  with little to no change in appearance.


Occupancy CertificateS/PERMITS

Once your building is considered to be suitable for occupation, an application for an occupancy permit / certificate is made to the relevant building surveyor. The building surveyor may request certificates or statements from various practitioners involved in the construction of the building to confirm that the building work complies with relevant building legislation. Having this certificate/permit signifies that a building surveyor is satisfied that the completed building work is safe and suitable for occupation. 


DuraGrip PLUS can be applied to your timber or hardwood stairs to help you meet the non-slip requirements without compromisING on THE look and feel.

While wood floors provide a sleek, modern finish to your home, they become slippery when a coating of wax or polish is applied, when they're wet or when a person has something slippery on the bottom of his shoes. In a home with children, senior citizens or even sleep-walkers, slipping and falling on wooden stairs can be quite dangerous.

DuraGrip PLUS can be applied to raw timber as well as coated timber stairs to achieve the required slip resistance ratings of P3 when dry and P4 when wet. 


Get DuraGrip PLUS

Licensed floor-safety professionals can inspect, prepare and apply the product to all stairs. We also allow customers to purchase DuraGrip PLUS products directly, follow the mixing instructions and apply it.*

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* Slip rating of DuraGrip PLUS is heavily reliant on components being mixed appropriately and applied correctly. On self-applications, we cannot guarantee the rating as the products do not come pre-mixed.

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